STARING AT THE SUN Watch the award winning short film below.


PROUD WINNER Best Horror Short
Screamfest LA
Horror Film Festival 2005

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"Staring at the Sun is so absorbing and consistently unsettling that my only complaint would be its paltry running time. It’s a great short, but would be an even better feature."
- Film Threat

"Hands down, the best shorts program I have ever screened at a film festival."
- Ain't it Cool News (Re: Sundance Shorts Program)

"it gave me two near heart attacks... great stuff well done..."
- Atom Films

Toby Wilkins' award wining short film "Staring at the Sun" tells the story of Clay Roberts, a Scottish expat, cautiously navigating his new life in America. Things take a turn for the unexpected when a fortune teller refuses to reveal her vision of his future. Clay becomes so obsessed with finding the truth that he unwittingly fulfills his fate.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 and has screened at dozens of festivals around the world including Screamfest LA where it received the award for Best Horror Short.

Directed and Produced by Toby Wilkins
Starring Alec Newman
with Saxon Trainor, Nick Nordella
and Darin Brooks, Randy Crowder,
Dirk Etchison
, Jocko Sims

Screenplay by Toby Wilkins
Story by Paul Sopocy
Line Producer Jay Chapman
Director of Photography Kirk Douglas
Edited by Sheila Moreland
Production Designer Rebecca J Keeling
Music by Jeffrey Hepker
Casting by Matt Skrobalak & Marisa Ross




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